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Your product launch will quite likely be the single biggest leverage point that you experience in your business. Period.

addition to a very large influx of sales (clients will often see a no. of years worth of sales during a one week launch), there are many other benefits… such as a significant list build of both prospects and clients, a stronger relationship with your prospects and clients, a dramatic increase in the number and quality of JV partners and affiliates, much stronger positioning in your market, increased momentum, and dramatically improved morale of employees.

But to get all these benefits, you need a strategic and tactical plan for a coordinated launch. That’s what this questionnaire is all about - this is the first step towards your Product Launch operational strategy.

There are quite a few questions here… you’re not going to be able to complete this form in 10 minutes. However, the time you spend on this questionnaire will pay off 100x when it’s time for your launch.

Please answer these questions as completely and honestly as possible - it will help us create a customized Product Launch Blueprint… and that will mean dramatically improved results on launch day.

Finally, I realize that for some of the questions, the answer might be “that’s what I’m hiring you for” - but you should still take your best guess. This process is designed to pull enough “raw data” out of you so that I can create an effective Product Launch Blueprint for you… so PLEASE answer these questions the best you can.

You will also be mailed a copy of this questionnaire filled with your replies over the email address you provide in this form.

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